About us

SOEDESCO® Studios is a development studio based in Rotterdam. The company was founded in 2015 and kicked off porting the racing game Defunct to PS4™, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch™. SOEDESCO Studios consists of an enthusiastic team of young talents who are passionate about video game development and determined to turn every project into a great success. Currently, the studio is porting the award-winning horror game Among the Sleep to Nintendo Switch™.


Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is a new and improved version of the award winning first person horror adventure. In the game you play as a small child trapped in a weird nightmare where you go looking for your mom.

Defunct is an indie adventure game with a focus on flow, speed and an engaging world. You are a broken robot that accidentally falls out of a giant cargo ship onto a post-human Earth, now inhabited by robots. You have to get back to your ship before it’s too late!